Inside the studio of Break A Stone

Filmed  & Edited by : Angelos Giotopoulos

Music by: Costis Kontos


I have been making jewelry since 2012 and feel so blessed to be designing and creating beautiful jewelry pieces as a profession.

The brand name ‘Break A Stone’ pretty much describes the reasons it all started.
It not only describes my aesthetic but also describes me and my point of view towards life. I wanted my brand to represent my life’s philosophy of breaking through the hardships and personal drawbacks but mainly breaking through this drama (referred to as the Stone) many of us unfortunately were subject to all through our upbringing that ‘life is hard and you d better go the safe way… When instead I decided I’d better lead a life I choose for myself.

It seems that design has just been my main interest throughout the years and still is growing. Making jewelry involves hours and hours of work on the bench using all kinds of hand tools, which has also been one of my sweet spots. I also think that because jewelry reflects personality and defines the style of its owner and along with the fact that a piece of jewelry can accompany someone through a thousand times and years this just adds to its value for me.

Every single piece is created by hand in my workshop/showroom in Psiri /Athens Center. The main materials used are bronze, sterling silver and elegantly cut or raw shaped semi-precious stones. The shapes and colors of them often define the piece that I’m creating. Sometimes the metalwork is just the “frame” to this beautiful ‘painting’ drawn by nature.

I feel my aesthetic could be described as somehow balancing between vintage finds in your grandma’s jewelry box and contemporary edgy jewelry design.

The last few years I have been sharing the work load with two more people that I am lucky enough to have crossed paths with. We are still a small independent business wanting to stay true to the initial philosophy that made everything happen and also stay motivated. As much as we do our best to be promptly responsive to our beloved customers’ needs, we do need some time to finish your orders and as we know how impatient and eager you must feel to get your hands on your new piece from us, we really are so thankful for your patience and support those past few years.

You are the ones that make everything happen!!!

I really really hope that you will enjoy going through our work here.


Aggelika Karali

Owner, Designer, Creator

Our Workshop


22 Agiou Dimitriou Str. Athens Centre 10554 Greece
+30 210 3248924 ,