Chloe Bronze Tank Bracelet


* Made in Solid Bronze

** Fold Over Clasp

*** Length Varies From 16 cm To 21.2 cm

Ready to ship within 2-3 weeks

Other Options


Chloe Bronze Tank Bracelet

Our Chloe Bronze Tank Bracelet is crafted from geometric, interlocking pieces

that are individually connected with hand crafted metal joints.

This bracelet was made in five different parts, that were carefully designed to form it.

Each part is carefully brought together by hand in our studio.

Timeless and contemporary at the same time it makes an interesting alternative option to a classic style chain bracelet that you will never want to take off.

The clasp is a fold over clasp to the loop on the opposing end.

All parts of this bracelet are cast in solid bronze and are given a polished finish.

We also make this bracelet in sterling silver.

Front part is approx.  2 cm at the widest part.

The rest of the links are 1 cm wide.

We make the length of this bracelet on request depending on the circumference of your arm.

You may want  it to lay beautifully either round your wrist or a bit higher on your arm.

If you decide for a larger version of the bracelet, you will just need to place it higher on your arm for a snug fit and it will stay put.

You don’t have to be extremely exact, for a perfect fit just move it a bit up or down.

*Model in the pictures wears a 16 cm length bracelet.

The lengths are approximate due to the handmade nature of the piece, so there may be a variance of 1-5 mm.

Length options vary from an approx. 16 cm to 21.2 cm. Choose your preferable.

If you want us to make it a length different than the options listed just contact us and we will arrange it for you.

We create this piece from start to finish in our studio in Athens.

For more inspiration on how to style your jewelry check out our Instagram account.

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