Reine Mother Of Pearl Ring


* Made In Sterling Silver

** Various Sizes Available

*** Stone: Mother Of Pearl

Ready to ship within 2-3 weeks


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Reine Mother Of Pearl Ring

Our Reine Mother Of Pearl Ring features a luminous mother of pearl attached on a rectangle cut quartz crystal and presents a pearly, iridescent white color.

The stone is seated on a golden plaque made of bronze that has the Queen, the most powerful piece in the game of chess – called Reine in French- shaped on it.

The stone measures 16 x 12 mm.

It flashes iridescent colors when it is viewed from different angles, when the stone is moved, or when the light source is moved.

The Queen underneath the crystal is revealed from different angles, whereas from other angles it is not visible and one can only see the

whimsical iridescence of the mother of pearl flashing a number of different colors such as bright yellow, orange, green, blue, red and purple.

Its splendid play of color is unsurpassed.

The bezel setting rests on a rustic texture split shank that wraps around organically in each corner.

Striking piece and one of our boldest designs this ring is crafted of polished and oxidized solid sterling silver.

The mother of pearl is hand cut by a local lapidary and is made of a piece of natural mother of pearl and a faceted white quartz crystal

that has been carefully attached on it to give it this breathtaking look.

Each stone varies due to its natural inclusions.

Select your ring size  at checkout.

Handcrafted from start to finish in our studio in Athens.

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