Theta II Gold Ear Cuff


* Made In Bronze

** Sold as a Single Earring

*** Sterling silver Ear post & butterfly fastening

Ready to ship within 2-3 weeks

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Theta II Gold Ear Cuff

Designed to comfortably hug the earlobe, our Theta II Gold Ear Cuff makes a different version of our Theta earlobe earring featuring a bronze dangling oval shaped hoop.

Simple and sleek but also luxuriously timeless.

When worn, this earpiece will make everyone wonder how you wear it and whether you have a piercing inside your ear.

However, no such  piercing is needed, just the most classic and common piercing on the earlobe.

Also makes THE perfect choice for ears with more than one piercing. You can also combine it with our ‘Theta’ lobe earring or other earrings as shown in the photos.

Really comfortable and lightweight for everyday use.

It comes as a single earring and features a Sterling silver butterfly fastening.

If you wish to buy them as a pair add an extra item of those from the Quantity Drop down menu.

It is cast in solid bronze and is later given a high polished finish.

The dangling oval hoop is cast in bronze.

Total length 3 cm .

Suitable for pierced ears.

Handmade from scratch in our studio in Athens.

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