Thethis Gold Hinged Bracelet


* Made in Bronze

** Strong Magnetic Clasp

*** Length Varies From 16 cm To 24 cm

Ready to ship within 2-3 weeks



Thethis Gold Hinged Bracelet

Our Thethis gold hinged bracelet consists of articulated hinged sections of hollow chunky Hemisphere beads.

It terminates with a strong magnetic clasp especially designed and created for this piece that secures the bracelet firmly.

Each hemisphere is of approx. 2 cm diameter and is made from thick bronze finished in a semi polished finish that accentuates the raw texture of the piece.

The bracelet, has a significant weight to it and depending on the desired length it consists of over 6 pieces (not including the clasp) that are individually connected with hand crafted metal joints.

It was inspired by the ancient Etruscan jewelry.

Length options vary from 16 cm to 24 cm. Choose your preferable.

* Model in the pictures has a 15.5 cm wrist circumference and wears the 16 cm.

She can wear either the 16 cm one for a snug fit or the 18 cm for a looser one. 

If you want us to make it a length different than the options listed just contact us and we will arrange it for you.

Keep in mind length for this bracelet can only be an even number.

Weight : Varies starting  from Approx. 61 to 81 grams of solid bronze depending on the length of the bracelet made.

For each 2 cm length added a corresponding extra 5 grams of metal are also added.

Looks stunning layered with other bracelets but is equally impressive and elegant on its own.

Check out the matching choker necklace of the same design here.

We create this piece from start to finish in our studio in Athens.

Check out our Instagram account here for inspiration on how to style your jewelry.

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