Adella Baroque Pearl Earrings


* Pearl Setting Made In Bronze

Upper Part Made In Sterling Silver

** Sold as a Pair

*** Set With Baroque Pearls

**** Made For Pierced Ears

Limited Edition 

Ship within 2-3 weeks

2 in stock

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Adella Baroque Pearl Earrings

*Limited Edition

The Adella Baroque Pearl Earrings feature Large, Lustrous and Juicy naturally shaped freshwater Pearls

set in bronze finished with a polished and textured aesthetic.

Similar to our Adella II Pearl Earrings and our Ariel Baroque Pearl Earrings the puffy upper part of the earrings was inspired by ocean sea shells.

It was initially hand carved in wax and was then cast in solid sterling silver.

Lightweight yet bold and impressive, this pair of  Earrings excellently represent vintage style

with a contemporary touch. They are as much an art object as they are an everyday accessory.

Really comfortable and lightweight for everyday wear.

Pearls present a pearly, iridescent white color.

Each piece is unique as the pearls are natural and vary due to their natural inclusions and shape.

Sold as a pair those are made for pierced ears only.

The Pearls used are sth between approx 2-3 cm long and 2-3 cm wide.

Piece weight is approx. 13 grams.

Make sure that you go through our instructions on how to preserve the beauty of your pearl jewelry.

We make those from start to finish in our studio in Athens.

Contact Us in case you would like to have those made in just solid sterling silver.

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