Armor Silver Choker Necklace


*   Made in Sterling Silver

** Secure Hook Fastening

*** Circumference 36 cm

Ready to ship within 2-3 weeks

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Armor Silver Choker Necklace

Our Armor Silver Choker Necklace is a statement piece sculpted in solid sterling silver that combines technical mastery and original design.

I made this in three parts that connect with metal joints to better fit your neck and carefully adapt to the curves of the body.

Finished with a textured aesthetic and a high poluish.

Inspiration came from African art and culture.

This is a piece that will breathe new life into your existing collection or make the ideal foundation to a new one.

Looks stunning layered with other necklaces.

This choker fits thin to medium necks.

The same piece is also available in solid bronze.

We create this piece from start to finish in our studio in Athens.

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