Lantern Quartz Pendant Necklace


*  Pendant Made in Bronze Or Sterling Silver

** Secure Lobster Clasp Fastening

*** 52 cm 925 Silver Chain Length (Can Be Altered Upon Request)

Ready to ship within 2-3 weeks



Lantern Quartz Pendant Necklace

Handcarved pendant of  whimsical design our Lantern Necklace is adorned with beautiful engraving featuring a slice of white quartz crystal set in the middle.

Each of these pendants is unique as the crystals used are natural and one of a kind so expect variations in size and shape.

We give it an aged patina finish for an antique look and polish it to a beautiful burnished finish that gets better with time.

This pendant is available in bronze or sterling silver.

Choose the material of your choice at checkout.

The pendant is suspended from a beautiful sterling silver chain.

Chain length is 52 cm.

The length can be altered upon request.

Perfect for layering with other necklaces or worn on its own.

We make this piece from start to finish in our studio in Athens.

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