Medusa Pearl Brooch Pendant


* Made in Bronze

** Velvet Ribbon 1,15 cm to wear long

Or to wrap twice for a layered look(Can be different Upon Request)

Made To Order Within 2-3 Weeks


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Medusa Pearl Brooch Pendant

Our Medusa Pearl Brooch Pendant makes for a solid piece that has been hand sculpted and then cast in bronze.

This is our version of the Medusa.

You can wear her as a pendant or as a brooch.

Raw, organic feel finished with a combination of semi-polished and brushed look for a vintage aesthetic.

The piece has a good weight to it and the safety catch functions as firmly as it should to stay in place on fine fabrics too.

A double faced velvet ribbon double faced velvet ribbon of excellent quality comes with the piece and the mechanical fold down bale at the back is designed to allow the piece to be worn as a pendant.

The ribbon is 1,15m long so that you can comfortably play with lengths to either wear long or to wrap twice for a layered look.

Choose Between the ”Midnight Blue” and the ”Burgundy” Colors Or Select ”Both Colors” and you will receive both ribbons.

A uniquely shaped pearl dangles at the bottom.

Approx.Pendant length (Including The Pearl): 7 cm

Pendant width (widest part): .3.7 cm

This piece is made to order and will be ready to ship within 2-3 weeks after order.

Contact us if you need it made any sooner than that .

Made from start to finish in our studio in Athens.

Check out our Instagram account for inspiration on how to wear and style your jewelry!

*Medusa is a powerful spiritual entity that exists in ancient Greek mythology.

She was a beautiful goddess and queen until she was cursed by goddess Athena for sleeping with Poseidon who raped her because he could not resist her beauty.

Medusa represents feminine power and the piece depicts both aspects of feminine nature. The first one being relentless, authoritative and uncompromising to protect and attain her primes and be who they chose to be. The second one overflowing with gentleness, gracefulness and sensitivity.